Some really good reasons why you should build with us

Why build with us?
Here are the Top 5 reasons why our clients choose to build with Lothian Construction Ltd


We believe in providing our clients with individual work that is exactly tailored to their requirements. We specialize in 'high-end- projects and prefer to do fewer projects, but with a higher degree of quality than you usually obtain from a run-of-the-mill construction company.

At Lothian Construction Ltd we treat the privacy and property of our clients with great respect and complete our work with the minimum amount of intrusion and disruption. Your proeprty will be carefully covered to protect it from dust and your home will be automatically cleaned by our staff after each phase is completed.


We abide strictly by FMB Cde of Practice, so you can be assured of first rate construction work. It is our policy not to compromise on quality over price and we are proud to provide a very high standard of work to our discerning clients

We take attention to detail very seriously and our careful work brings your built-in quality for every project. Our quotations are based on high quality materials and craftsman-like work.


Our team consists of a group of very experienced tradesmen and professionals, who always work hard to give you quality work in the best possible time. In addition, the members of our team are always ready to give you any advice you may request on particular aspect of your project.

Supervision and responsibility

Complete client satisfaction is an absolutely fundamental principle of our building company. Therefore, all of our projects - without exception - are personally supervised by a senior member of our staff. We recognize that your time is highly valuable and, therefore, we always keep our appointments with clients.

We use a group of trusted subcontractors who have proved their worth over the curse of some years. Lothian Construction Ltd replies to all enquiries promptly and you will find that our senior members of staff are always easy to contact. Each quote includes information on exactly when we will be able to commence work and how long we expect the job to take and this schedule will be strictly adhered to.

Fair and transparent pricing

Our construction company utilizes a simple and open pricing structure, so you can refer to our detailed quotes and estimates and see exactly how your money will be spent. We keep the price of 'extras' in line with our standard rates and your final bill will be closely related to the original price estimate.

In addition, we will offer our advice on how changes to the project and any client indecision can affect the cost and length of time needed to complete the project.